About Our Sheep

We select for economically productive traits – MATERNAL, GROWTH, CARCASS and



About Our Sheep


Shearing, skirting, packaging, and selling our wool is the result of a year of planning and preparation.

We shear all our sheep in late February to early March.  Over the years we have had two to four shearers, depending on which shearing crews were available.  Some have brought shearing plants (large, enclosed trailers modified to accommodate up to six shearers) and others set up their individual shearing station on plywood sheets placed on the barn floor, as in this photo.

Jim Moore, and his son Brad, Sweet Grass County High School Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor, sheared for us in 2003.

The shearers remove top (head) wool, leg wool, and belly wool from the main fleece.  Belly wool is packaged separately from the main fleece.  Top wool and leg wool, as well as any other short pieces that drop off the fleece, are the least valuable, and are packaged by themselves and labeled “Tags”.

When the fleece has been removed from each sheep, it is weighed and then placed on a skirting table.  The fleece is arranged with the cut side down so that second cuts of wool will drop through the gaps between the PVC pipes.  The skirters remove manure, stained wool, any remaining leg wool or other short sections of wool, and wool heavily contaminated with vegetable matter (hay, weed seeds, etc.).  This is also an opportunity to look for and remove any snippets of polypropylene baling twine that might have become embedded in the wool (usually in the area of the fleece which contacts the ground).

Friend Jim Kjarmo, Karin Langhus, and neighbor Doug Lair skirt a fleece in 2003.

The final product is rolled off the skirting table and placed in a hydraulic wool baler which has been lined with new and approved non-contaminating wool packaging materials.  Each bale can hold 350 to 450 pounds of wool.  We use our Bobcat to move filled wool bales to a clean, dry storage area.





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